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Sallie Holder

I am a nationally recognized public speaker, coach & trainer and have spent the last fifteen (15) years helping businesses, entrepreneurs & employees achieve their highest level of success. Both my degree in Human & Organizational Development & law degree with a specialization in labor and employment law, help me approach your company’s challenges with an informed & unique perspective. Think of me as your secret weapon.

As your speaker, I can guarantee I’ll leave your audience feeling energetic, inspired, and motivated to take action. I’ll connect with the audience to reignite their drive to conquer new heights, meet bigger targets, and solve further challenges. Not only will I deliver on concepts that can change the way the audience thinks, but also on productivity tools that can change their behavior.

As your coach, I’ll support you in your professional growth so that you can continue to lead & grow your organization to its greatest potential. I’ve spent my entire career coaching employers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and others on the skills, strategies & tools needed to succeed in business. I’ve coached more than three (300) business owners on how to remove the barriers to their success & grow their businesses using the same strategies I’ll share with you. Together we’ll help you & your company grow in the ways you’ve always desired.

As your trainer, I’ll share my sincere passion for the impact training can have on the long term success of your company & it’s employees. There’s nothing I love more than being given the opportunity to help you tap into your employees talent and energy to help them more effectively achieve the company’s goals. I know that each company’s needs are different. Therefore, I’ll work you to customize the training to fit the very specific needs of your company. After many years of experience, providing hundreds of trainings to companies, I’ll bring both an unparalleled amount of subject matter expertise & enthusiasm.

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“We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how”

– Anonymous


According to a 2018 Gallup poll, more than 70% of employees are actively disengaged at work. Stunted employee morale and motivation have significant repercussions on both productivity and workplace environment. Turning to outside help for an entertaining and informative speaker at your event can make all the difference in boosting morale and increasing employee satisfaction. When was the last time you inspired your workforce with an inspirational talk or motivation to reconnect with the vision & mission of your company?

Are things are going well? That’s when the opportunity for growth is even greater. It’s the perfect time to inspire your team and reinvigorate their efforts, which can become complacent and protective of past successes. Those inside the organization may not have the inclination or patience to change the perception of an employee like a outside speaker. Allow me to be the extra push or outside voice to encourage & reinforce the messages you want your employees to hear.

Speaking Engagement Options:

  • One hour
  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Keynote

We will work together to determine the right content and length of seminar for your audience. Book a session with me to explore your needs & other offerings.

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Have you ever thought about hiring a business coach for yourself or your company? Based on their own experiences, 10 successful founders from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) laid out the MANY benefits to hiring a business coach that you may not have considered.

Benefits of coaching reported by companies include: increased productivity, improved customer service and reduced customer complaints, improved retention (especially by those receiving coaching), and bottom-line profitability. Impressive results, right?!

Benefits reported by individuals include: improved working relationships with direct reports, immediate supervisors, peers, and external clients/relationships; better teamwork; greater job satisfaction; reduction in conflicts; and greater organizational commitment and loyalty. Results EVERY person desires! What’s stopping you?

If the benefits weren’t enough to convince you of the importance of a business coach, look at the astounding ROI on your investment. The International Coach Federation (ICF) has provided a number of studies showing coaching usually generates a ROI of between $4 and $8 for every dollar invested.

Let’s get started. Determine the coaching relationship that’s right for you. Are you looking to grow your sales/business development skills? The Growth Mission Program is perfect for you. You’ll get content, community, & coaching all in one. Want tailored 1:1 coaching for your business? Sign up to receive individualized, private coaching.

1:1 Coaching

If you want individualized coaching for your business, with private sessions, sign up for 1:1 monthly coaching.  My 1:1 coaching process begins with an extended Private and Personal Zoom (or in person meeting) to launch our relationship in the most powerful way possible. We’ll clarify your vision, deepest desires & goals. We’ll zero in on any obstacles that might be stopping you or slowing you down and begin the process of identifying what makes YOU achieve your best and your business GROW.

We will continue our relationship from there with Zoom calls on a set schedule every other week.  Calls are scheduled for one (1) hour but coaching is about Insights and new Perspectives and not about keeping to a strict time together to allow us to go as deep as we need to go.  I am your partner, so I am here to support you when you need me.  You will have access to my private email and phone number.  Your growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and I am here for you during your energetically “hot” moments. They are the ripest for transformation & growth.  We can and will schedule additional laser calls when you need them.  You have me there to support you 24/7.  

You will write a written update to me each week by Sunday at 6pm (EST). We will use the report to focus us on your vision, efforts, goals and competing commitments.  I will write a response to you by Monday at Midnight (EST).  My commitment and promise to you is that I will show up fully present, focused and ready to serve you in the deepest way I know how.

You will know that—NO MATTER WHAT—there is someone over here who believes in how powerful you already are and is supporting you to unfold into the greatest possibility for your life.

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Group Coaching Program: Growth Mission

In this six (6) week long program you will learn all you need to know about how to grow your business or build a book of business. Each intensive program is limited to fifteen (15) participants to ensure a supportive, cohesive community is created amongst the group. This program is focused on the fundamentals of successfully growing your business through proven business development tools. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional in real estate, insurance, law, or some other area of expertise, you need to develop these business development skills to grow your business & reach the level of success you desire.

The program includes:

  • Six (6) modules of material addressing a new topic each week
  • 1 page PDF to download summarizing the key takeaways from the module
  • Weekly challenges to engage you in the subject matter
  • A weekly live Zoom
  • Accountability to me and to the group
  • Private Facebook group to share successes & stumbles with feedback from me

Hurry to sign up for the Growth Mission Program before your space is gone!
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“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.”

– Oprah Winfrey, Media Proprietor

“No company can afford not to move forward. It may be at the top of the heap today or at the bottom of the heap tomorrow, if it doesn’t.”

– James Cash Penney, Founder, JC Penney

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin


Did you know that nearly 60% of all “Best in Class” companies provide business development training to their employees? Only 29% of “Laggard” companies provide this same training to their employees. Not only does training increase revenue but it also ensures happier employees. A recent Bridge by Infrastructure survey discovered training is the MOST IMPORTANT learning opportunity for job satisfaction, ranked higher than even mentorship, sabbaticals, & a tuition reimbursement program. We all know that satisfied employees produce MORE & that increases the growth of your company. Therefore, training is an easy solution to making both parties happier.

I’m excited to bring my unique perspective of the employer/employee relationship & experience as an employer’s labor & employment lawyer to your training sessions. I’ll work with you to determine the goals you wish to accomplish. My training includes tactical tools your company & it’s employees can use to impact the company’s long term success. Employees will have an experience that is both engaging & informative. There’s no doubt everyone will walk away with a greater understanding of how their efforts are critical to the overall success of the organization.
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