Big Dreams Mean Finding New Paths!

I truly believe that we are all worthy and capable of achieving our biggest dreams. The problem is that so many of us get stuck or don’t ever get started because we’re so overwhelmed by the “how.” We know where we want to go, but we just can’t see the path ahead. But that is such a big misunderstanding about goal setting. 

The truth is, you SHOULDN’T know how! You’ve never done it before! If you’re dreaming big, then it’s a totally unknown path you’re blazing your trail through! And I absolutely believe that we find what we are looking for. If we’re looking for reasons why we can’t do something, we’ll find them. But if we change our attitude and start looking for ways to make our dreams possible, we will find them! Or, they’ll find us…

I’m getting ready for an amazing new women’s conference in Seattle this weekend, and it’s such a perfect example of how when we’re living our vision and our purpose, things line up. We can’t ever know how or when they’ll fall into place, but the universe does take care of us. One of the event organizers met me years ago when I was doing corporate coaching. We probably had two conversations. But when she was organizing this conference, she remembered me. She knew she wanted me to come and help women break through the lies that society tells us so we can achieve our greatest potential!

If you’re in the Seattle area, you should absolutely come to the More Than Me conference this weekend. Or, plan to come to the Dallas event March 23! (I’ll be speaking there, too). If you’re on the east coast, sign up for my Ignite Your 2019 Masterclass in Charlotte on March 7th – featuring Louise Pritchard. I’ve also partnered with leadership coach Shannon Dew to offer an amazing two-day, transformative workshop on Breakthrough Leadership in Greenville on March 14 & 15. And if you can’t make any of those, then write down ONE THING you can do this week to take yourself a step closer to your dreams! And promise yourself you’ll do it. Because you are totally worth it!


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