Hilary Swank QuoteHave you ever noticed how when you feel good, you tend to get inspired? Like, at the end of a yoga class, laying on my mat, feeling totally relaxed and recharged, I’ll get an idea of what my next talk should be about. Or sometimes it happens when you’re just going to sleep and you get that inspired thought. It’s because during those moments you’ve let your resistance go! You’re not worried about your to-do list, and your energy is finally open to receive that inspiration.

Starting the new year rightNo matter the time of year, one of my favorite questions to ask clients is: if I were to run into you at the grocery store on January 1st of next year, and I said to you, “congratulations! I’m so glad your year went exactly as you wanted! You accomplished everything you hoped you would!” What is it that you’re standing there having accomplished? What big hairy dream did you make happen in 2019?

We all start the New Year off with a massive list of things we’re certain we’ll accomplish over the course of the year! We’re full of determination and sentiments like, “this will be MY year!” But— most of us also forget the VITAL first step to setting ourselves up for success: pausing to celebrate and reflect the successes of the previous year. First — consider this your permission slip to take the last couple weeks of the year to enjoy the holidays, reflect on what you did in 2018, and to really take care of yourself. Contrary to popular belief, forcing yourself to do more over these next few weeks won’t help you accomplish more in 2019. In fact, it might just be the thing to stop you from starting your year strong. So, before diving into a new to-do list and new projects and new resolutions, there’s no better gift you could give yourself than taking the time to reflect on all the awesome things you accomplished in 2018.

“You can be anything you want to be!” That’s the line we’ve been hearing since we were kids. It’s the outward message we’ve always gotten growing up in America. But that statement hasn’t necessarily been a true one for women — at least not from what I experienced. While it may have been what we heard in school, the social messages we received were pretty different. In reality, we heard about seven options for career paths (give or take a few, but these ones stayed on repeat for me) that others suggested to me when considering my opportunities ahead.