As I reflected on last month, I 100% believe that each and every one of us is worthy of going all in on our dreams! But so many of us get stuck or don’t ever get started because we’re so overwhelmed by the “how.” We know where we want to go, but we just can’t see the path ahead. So we don’t even take the first step because we’re too afraid of the unknown. I call this getting stuck in The Loop. We’ve all done it...

Feeling unworthy of our dreams is society’s way of keeping us stuck where we are. I know because I let that fear get the better of me for nearly a decade. I started practicing law because I used to think success was a title that other people respected. So I chased those external markers of success, and I was good at it. But the truth was that it was never what I really wanted, and it didn’t ever feel the way I thought it should.

Before finding my way to my true potential — as an entrepreneur dedicated to helping people achieve their goals — my career path was the definition of following what others wanted me to do. I got a degree in law, and even though I didn’t love being a lawyer, I practiced for 10 years because I was good at it. I stayed stuck in the belief that work was painful, that what you were supposed to do is just grit your teeth and push through the pain. I couldn’t see my way out of it. Couldn’t see a future beyond it. Couldn’t see a future without it. But I knew I wanted more for myself and my family.