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Welcome to The BRIMM

The BRIMM is an exclusive opportunity to experience coaching & camaraderie together.

It has been an idea since the initial inception of Sallie’s Amazon bestselling book, Hitting Rock Middle.

It is Sallie’s answer for what many of her clients wanted, a chance to receive coaching to reach the next level of success, along with a group of women who are challenging themselves to reach the next level too.

The Beyond Rock Middle Movement

A dynamic, interactive coaching community that will help change your life.

It's where coaching & community come together.

It's a movement of women making their wildest ideas come to life & moving to their greatest potential.

It's a 12-month roadmap with tactical tools to work on professional development

It's Member Based with exclusive benefits, coaching and inspiration from Sallie Holder

What does the BRIMM include?

year-long access to an online private Membership portal and community
exclusive monthly deep dive into business strategies with accountability to the action steps within each module
monthly group coaching calls
small group of professionals for accountability
monthly Mastermind coaching calls
weekly inspiration & support to reach your company’s vision and goals

The BRIMM Alliances

The BRIMM Alliances are smaller communities within The BRIMM, developed to help members remain laser focuses on the complete BE BOLDER Framework for Moving Beyond Rock Middle. Members should expect to move around in these communities, while never losing sight of exponential growth.

BRIMM venn diagram with description of Founders Alliance, Builders Alliance and Accelerators Alliance


This Alliance is for women who need help strategizing about their transition out of the corporate world into the entrepreneurial world or those who need support determining what business idea they want to found.


This Alliance is generally for female entrepreneurs who have a business but need help building out revenue streams, building their clientele and/or growing their idea into the business they’ve dreamed possible.


This Alliance tends to be for women business owners who have established businesses with substantial revenue, but they know the business is capable of further exponential growth and they want the support to reach their next level.



Don’t worry! You’ll take an assessment to determine which Alliance is right for you and can move between Alliance’s if and when needed.

Typically coaching for a 12 month period would run upward of $18,000.
We're offering so much more for $3,997.

Plus access to course content, a community of like-minded professionals cultivated for you, strategic business strategies shared weekly, & more would make this far more expensive.

Therefore, the investment of just $3,997 FOR THE YEAR per Member makes joining an incredible value.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

What is The BRIMM's goal?

This dynamic, interactive coaching community will give you 2 of the most important things people need to move mountains – 1) a catalyst for creating the growth they desire and 2) a community of people to do it with. The camaraderie of other women has been proven in research studies to create career path advancement 2.5 times greater than those that lack a female support network. The BRIMM offers both!

How does The BRIMM stay connected?

The BRIMM community uses 3 main tools to stay connected virtually. The first is our exclusive Member Portal to which BRIMM Members will receive private access. The Member Portal is our main source of information. Members can find The BRIMM’s coaching calendar, member directory, training materials and links to all recorded calls. The second tool is ZOOM: think video conferencing made easy.  Our Community can regularly meet virtually face to face! The third tool is private Facebook Groups, giving our Members the ability for daily interaction, inspiration and training both with Sallie and each other. Through these 3 tools, Members will experience connection, camaraderie and coaching.

How the BRIMM stays connected: Member Portal, Private Facebook Groups, ZOOM Calls

How long is The BRIMM commitment?

The BRIMM includes year-long access to an online private Membership portal and community, exclusive monthly deep dive into business strategies with accountability to the action steps within each module, monthly group coaching calls, small group of professionals for accountability, monthly Mastermind coaching calls, weekly inspiration and support to reach your company’s vision and goals.

What are Alliances?

The BRIMM Alliances are smaller communities within The BRIMM, developed to give you laser-focused attention on the complete “BE BOLDER” Framework for Moving Beyond Rock Middle & each of the business themes for the month. Each Alliance will have 2 monthly ZOOM calls, a private Slack channel for connecting, & a private page on our member portal for your Alliance’s specific content. You’ll have access to these once you’re in your Alliance.

How am I assigned an Alliance?

Upon registering for the BRIMM, Members will receive their Get Started guide. Upon completing the questionnaire in the Member Portal, Sallie will assign new Members to their Alliance.

How often does The BRIMM meet virtually?

BRIMM Members will meet via ZOOM at least 3 times monthly. The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, Members in each Alliance will join Sallie live on a video call (yes, we want to see your face!). Members can expect interaction with Sallie and other members, as well as accountability to the challenges being given. The entire BRIMM community will also connect on the last weekday of each month to review tactics, takeaway and growth experiences, as well as be introduced to the next month’s topic. Members are also encouraged to connect with the entire community, as well with Members in their assigned Alliance channel, via the private Facebook groups.

Are all of The BRIMM videos recorded?

Yes! While we encourage Members to tune in live, we understand that everyone needs flexibility. All ZOOMs will be uploaded to the Member Portal and accessible to Member at any point. This includes the previous month’s coaching.

How do I join The BRIMM?

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