Change Takes a Little Bit of Courage and a Lot of Support

Before finding my way to my true potential — as an entrepreneur dedicated to helping people achieve their goals — my career path was the definition of following what others wanted me to do. I got a degree in law, and even though I didn’t love being a lawyer, I practiced for 10 years because I was good at it. I stayed stuck in the belief that work was painful, that what you were supposed to do is just grit your teeth and push through the pain. I couldn’t see my way out of it. Couldn’t see a future beyond it. Couldn’t see a future without it. But I knew I wanted more for myself and my family.

So, I started a side business. I began coaching women on how to remove the barriers to their success. Starting small, adding something on the side, allowed me to stay in my comfort zone but start to acquire new skills and build up my courage. Before I knew it the side business had grown, and I realized a shift was possible. Despite people looking at me like I was crazy, I left law behind and began working full-time as an executive leader, coaching more than 300 women over my career — and it was amazing! Until it wasn’t.

After several years of working for the same company, I found myself stuck again. I wasn’t challenged anymore. I started to dread Monday mornings again. And, worst of all, I was a slave to my phone. Maybe that doesn’t sound like the worst thing you could imagine, but when my 8 year old daughter started pretending to be me by obsessively typing away at an imaginary smartphone… I realized it was time for another change.

At the point where work feels hard and painful, that’s when you can (and maybe should) make a change! It doesn’t have to be catastrophic. It doesn’t have to get to the point where you hate your job and jeopardize your relationships. All it takes is a little bit of courage and the willingness to seek out support.

My work with clients is all about breaking down the old ideas that keep us stuck and building plans to make our dreams achievable. What I’ve heard from countless clients and what I experienced myself is that our first thoughts when we think about change are: 1) paralyzing fear of failure; and 2) an overwhelming conviction that change would simply be too hard. But those are just the lies we tell ourselves.

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We stay where we are because we can’t imagine what the next chapter will look like. That’s why we need someone else to help us find our way, to uncover the limiting beliefs blocking us from our true potential.

With the help of my own business coach, I identified the fears that were keeping me from chasing my dreams. I was worried about rocking the boat. Worried about how another career change would affect my family. Worried about whether anyone would hire me! I was stuck in all the things that so many women struggle with: whether I was good enough, what it would look like on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and what it would mean for the relationships with my colleagues.

With the help of my business coach, I worked through those fears and set manageable goals to get my business up and running. From doing background research, writing an engagement letter, and hiring someone to create a website — I created little actions that I could accomplish within a week’s time. And step by step, I moved from stuck to striking out on my own in just 6 months.

Change doesn’t have to take forever. It doesn’t have to be terrifying. And once you go through this exercise often enough to see that you’ll survive the change, making changes for the betterment of yourself and your entire family become that much easier.

Just like, in the middle of summer, deciding to uproot our family and move three hours away! My family and I are based in Greenville now, and even though it’s been bumpy, we’ve gotten through this change because we knew the potential was worth it. Last week, my daughter spent the night with the daughter of a friend I’ve known since elementary school. I’m five minutes away from soccer practice. My kids get to experience the connection of 6 cousins going to the same elementary school.

I’m here to tell you that you can really, truly love what you do. You can make the change! If you’re not finding yourself where you want to be right now, let’s re-create your potential — together! I’m here to help!

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