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Interactive Workbook

You’ve got a million ideas, but you don’t know which ideas are the “right” ideas. It feels like throwing spaghetti on the wall, right?! You’re over it and ready to just start over. Maybe you’re also working harder than ever, but your bank account doesn’t show it. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what projects to say “yes” to and which were a waste of your time? Wouldn’t it be awesome to get to feel “creative” in your business again? How amazing would it be to get to experience a little bit of the “flexibility” you wanted when you created this business?

I created this “Begin to Dream Again” Interactive Workbook just for YOU!

  • 10 full pages of content to show you HOW to start so that you can take action right NOW! 
  • More than 20 questions that walk you through the process of Dreaming Again as if I were there coaching you in person
  • This the exact process I take private coaching clients through 
  • Easy to download
  • Accessible from any device
  • Printable PDF to begin writing down your dreams ASAP!

Click on the button below to download the workbook & begin dreaming again!

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Long gone are the days of vision boards & goal setting. You’ve settled where you are now, thinking change just might not happen for you. You’ve tried #allthethings but you’re still not getting the results you want or the changes in your business. You’re stuck in the same cycle. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. You know there’s “MORE” out there for you, but you just can’t see HOW to get there. You find yourself stuck asking, “How do I get out of this rut?” 

Wouldn’t if you could change your habits, patterns & beliefs so that you could take the next step toward success? It’s time to get out of your own way.  I know this can be frustrating and discouraging, but I also know you ultimately want something bigger.  You know that if nothing changes, nothing changes. 

Are you ready to finally break the cycle?  This Masterclass is for YOU! 

  • Helps you clarify your vision 
  • Reminds you WHY you got started in the first place 
  • Helps you reconnect with what matters 
  • Results focused 
  • 60 minutes of actionable tips
  • Available on demand 
  • Watch at your leisure 
  • Watch as many times as you want 
  • Interactive workbook to take you through your transformation process

Click on the button below to start improving your business now! It’s just $97 and your Masterclass will be ready for you to start immediately or whenever you’re ready. 


What are other people saying about the Masterclass?


“I’ve been in business for 12 years & despite all the knowledge I’ve gained, I still get stuck at a cross road of “where do I go next?” Sallie’s Masterclass helped me clarify my vision, find my voice, and feel energized again about my business. It’s honestly something I will rewatch over & over, every time I get to a place of uncertainty. I can’t recommend it enough.”  Stacy Smallwood, Owner, Hampden Clothing