A Woman’s Workshop: Creating the Life you Want in 2020

Sallie Holder discusses creating the life you want in 2020 at this in-person studio event, hosted by Pure Balance Pilates.

About this Event

Pure Balance Pilates is pleased to host Sallie Holder, a Business Coach, Thought Leader, Author & Podcaster who refuses to let anyone settle for anything less than their greatest potential.

But before all that, she Hit Rock Middle™ – the comfortable, misery zone where creating real change in your life appears too hard and overwhelming to begin.

Sallie appeared successful and happy on the outside, but she was miserable and ready to quit it all on the inside. Asking herself constantly, “is this all there is?” and “if I wanted to make a change, how in the world would I do that?”

Sallie will share elements of her action plan to creating the change in your life you long to create. She’ll cover such topics as:

  • Beginning to Dream Again
  • The Invisible Influences Getting in Your Way
  • “How” Isn’t the What’s Stopping You

If you have a sneaking suspicion that you’re not exactly in the right place in your life or career, but change appears too daunting, then Sallie’s book Hitting Rock Middle will help you finally feel confident & capable of creating the change you desire. Join us to hear her discuss the tools that can make your future feel brighter than ever!

Sallie will hold a Q&A to discuss her book, her work and how we can all learn how to make the change we desire a reality and create the life you want in 2020.

Admission is open to the public and free for members. Registration required. Sallie’s book HITTING ROCK MIDDLE will be available for purchase at the event.

To learn more about Sallie or to preorder her book now, head to https://hittingrockmiddle.com/.