Book Launch Experience in Greensboro,NC

HQ Greensboro is proud to celebrate the launch of a book that can change your life for the better.

About this Event

HQ Greensboro is proud to host Sallie Holder for her book, HITTING ROCK MIDDLE.

Sallie Holder is an award-winning attorney and innovative thought leader who coined the term “Hitting Rock Middle™” and the “BE BOLDER” strategy for helping people reach their greatest potential.

Hitting Rock Middle is intended to be a “shot in the arm” – a catalyst – to move people from the mere awareness that they’re not living up to their greatest potential to the place where they actually are! Despite most people’s doubts, it is possible to achieve both success and fulfillment. This book will help them do both by challenging them to pave a new path and let go of other’s success markers. By sharing her journey and struggles to discover how to create change from a place of external success, Sallie Holder walks the reader through an authentic process they can use to create their own path.

Sallie will hold a Q&A to discuss her book, her work and how we can all learn how to make the change we desire a reality. She’ll cover such topics as:

  • Cultivating Courage to BE BOLDER
  • Beginning to Dream Again
  • The Invisible Influences Getting in Your Way

Book signing available after discussion.

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