Women’s Workshop Charleston 1/17

Sallie Holder introduces “Getting out of Rock Middle” at her in person workshop for female entrepreneurs, hosted by Still Soul Studio.

About this Event

Do you feel like you are…

  • Working more than ever but not earning what you deserve?
  • Yearning for something more and want to take the next step towards growth, but not sure where to start?
  • Feeling stuck and unable to unlock your next phase to achieve your greatest potential?

If you said YES to any of those… this workshop is PERFECT for You!

Sallie’s goal in these one-day workshops is to help female entrepreneurs achieve focused direction, create a strategic plan, and leave with a mindset that they have everything they need to conquer their dreams.

“Sallie’s seminars are inspiring and applicable to you no matter what stage you’re in with your business. She gives you interesting questions to ask yourself about your vision. It was incredibly motivating to dig deep and then create specific objectives and actual action steps to achieve the goal. She pushed me outside of my comfort zone in just the way I needed. Sallie has created a wonderful, positive, encouraging format that worked for me and helped me get unstuck!” Musette Stern, Muse Shoe Studio.

Sallie will share exactly how to Get out of Rock Middle- that place where you feel pain, sadness, and stuck because you know you’re not following your dreams. Maybe you’ve sought external success but it wasn’t fulfilling. Now you want to seek something that fills you internally but HOW do you do that? Come to Charleston to find out.

Brunch will be provided. Purchase tickets at:


Visit www.sallieholder.com to sign up or email admin@sallieholder.com to book a workshop in your city.