Getting Out Of Rock Middle

Here’s the thing – do you feel like you’re living up to your greatest potential? What I mean is – that feeling you have inside yourself that says, I’m meant for more than this – are you listening and taking action on it? Or are you simply trying to quiet that voice down? Staying still and not listening to it is what I call staying stuck in Rock Middle. It’s the place where your confidence wanes but your dreams never do. You believe less and less in the possibility of your dream but it’s always still there nagging at you. It’s still there because that’s your potential nagging at you saying, you’re meant for more than this! 

Let’s do something about it! Once and for all! Let’s get you out of Rock Middle and started on the path to living that big potential you have inside! How do you do that? There are loads of ways.  You can do it on your own or you can do it with others. You can choose to be quiet about pursuing your potential or you can shout it from the rooftops to hold yourself accountable. You can do the research yourself about how to get started or you can hire a coach to walk you through every step of the process. Whatever you do, don’t waste another minute in Rock Middle. You deserve more. 

If you choose to pursue your potential on your own, I want you to be as armed as possible. My intention is to serve you and help you reach your potential above all else, so if free is what works for your budget right now, I get it, and you can get started too! Don’t let that hold you back. Email me and I’ll share my “Begin to Dream Again” Workbook with you for FREE. I created it to help people get started on their journey & to begin thinking through some of the habits, fears & beliefs that have been holding them back. After you go through the Workbook, I’d suggest you read the following few books, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, Big Potential by Shawn Achor, and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Each of the principles in these books are highlighted and taught as part of my course and reading them will get you on your way to living your potential. 

If you can invest in yourself to reach your potential faster, then do it. Don’t hesitate! A small investment in your future is worth it and will help you get to your potential twice as fast. Join my brand new 8 week Group Coaching Course where I’ll coach you through every part of the process and show you everything I know and have learned about how achieve your greatest potential. Each week I’ll walk you through one of the 8 steps of the “Be Bolder” Framework I created that addresses each step you need to take to get to your potential. It pulls in the principles in each of the above mentioned books and more. We’ll share experiences, successes, challenges with each other weekly in our Zoom calls.  We’ll celebrate all of your successes together as a group and I’ll coach you through the challenges.  I’ll answer questions between our weekly calls in the Facebook group that we will have specific for the 15 women in the course. We’ll do what’s necessary to get you past anything holding you back and into action toward your higher potential. Once and for all you’re going to listen to “The Tug” – that voice inside you that says you’re meant for more – and get the support and accountability you deserve to reach the next level of your potential. 

There are many people who can take the Workbook and books and do it on their own. If you can do that, I applaud you and want you to go for it.  However, I want you to be honest with yourself before you decide what’s right for you. Think about how many times you’ve said you’re going to get started but never did or you got started and stopped shortly thereafter because you needed more help and support in the process! Exactly! I did that for years! I get it. I’ve been where you are & I’ve spent my career studying how to get to the place where you’re achieving the potential you’re capable of reaching. Now I’m going to share all I’ve learned with you in the 8 week group coaching course. If you’re not sure you can get where you want to go all on your own, then this course is PERFECT for you. 

Now is the time to take action. When you finish the steps I suggested or you finish our group course, you’ll be right at the start of the 4th Quarter. For most people, Q4 is the busiest season of the year. It’s the time when many companies do more than two thirds of their business. Now imagine how you’d feel in October performing at your highest potential and how much more lucrative your business could be when you’re doing that. 

So stop questioning if you’re worth it or if you belong in the group or if this is the “right” answer to what you need – those are just more excuses to keep you stuck in Rock Middle. Just take action. I can tell you from experience – you’ll never regret taking the chance and investing more in yourself! It will always lead you to a better place than you’re in right now! So go for it & join us! 

There’s only room for 15 people, so hurry & just take the first step and fill out the application. That’s all you have to do to get started! Download the application & apply right now! You deserve to be happy making that potential inside yourself a reality!