Give Yourself the Chance to Grow by Changing Your Thinking

I truly believe that one of the first keys to growth is to understand that we are essentially the creators of our own universe. We’re allowed to step into our own power if we just take the opportunity! But if we don’t, we’re just recreating yesterday by having the same thoughts as yesterday. And that’s really a form of self neglect. Because it’s not giving you the chance to change!

Changing your thinking will change your reality. Redirecting your thinking toward the positive is just like watching TV — when you change the channel, it’s not as though the other channel ceases to exist. You’re just choosing to watch a different channel! We don’t have to pretend bad things don’t exist in our lives, but we do have the ability to change our thoughts, to create whatever we want out of it! However we see a situation — whether we view it as good or bad — it dictates our next steps.

In order to grow into the best versions of ourselves, we need to choose our own power. If we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others, if we’re trying to do things the way they do things, then we’re watching the wrong channel! We’re ignoring our own internal cues and falling into the pit of “what’s wrong with me?” Instead, try focusing inward, asking yourself what pace or approach feels right to you. Honor your own channel and step into a life that flows at your own pace and energy. Embracing yourself for who you are and how you operate is the best way to get where you want to go — on your terms!


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