Protecting Your Energy in 2019

Hilary Swank QuoteHave you ever noticed how when you feel good, you tend to get inspired? Like, at the end of a yoga class, laying on my mat, feeling totally relaxed and recharged, I’ll get an idea of what my next talk should be about. Or sometimes it happens when you’re just going to sleep and you get that inspired thought. It’s because during those moments you’ve let your resistance go! You’re not worried about your to-do list, and your energy is finally open to receive that inspiration.

The trouble is, you don’t remember that inspired idea in the morning because you’re already on the roller coaster of blocking it out! You’re wrapped up in your to-do list and your email and all the little things that “need” to get done before you can get to the good stuff. That’s the way we’ve all been “conditioned” to feel — like we’re starting the day already behind the eight ball. But, from what I’ve discovered lately, that’s not the case. In fact, it might just be exactly the wrong way to go about things to try to maintain any resemblance of a balanced, inspired life!

When you get tired, the first things to go (on my list) are the things that feel like a luxury, the yoga and the friend dates and the stuff that actually nourishes creativity! By habit, I tend to chose to cross those things off when my to-do list gets really long. But when I let go of those things, I’m not recharging myself. Not bringing myself alive. And the type of energy I’m going to cultivate is more of that tired, negative energy. It becomes this endless cycle of staying stuck in the exhaustion until I can interrupt it again by taking myself to yoga or taking the time to set down the to-do list and relax!

One of my goals this year is to really be protective of my energy. I need to choose the things that bring me alive instead of the things that drain me. Because I’ve realized that doing the things that bring me alive is the only way I’ll open myself up to inspired action!

When you take inspired action, you’re using your internal source of power and inspiration rather than seeking it externally. In the past, that’s what I’ve done wrong — I’ve turned outward, to the next thing, to try and find my inspiration in something external. When I’ve felt stuck or drained, I’ve thought, “I just need to read something else! I need to go find it in a book!” I’ve fallen into the quest of finding it elsewhere instead of being able to pause and do something to take care of myself and actually cultivate my internal source of inspiration.

I love the idea that when you do things that make you feel good, then you’re opening yourself up to receive the positive things that the universe is trying to send your way. When you’re constantly doing things that make you feel terrible, then that’s what you’re attracting — more negative energy! You’re blocking any of the positive, divine energy that’s trying to make its way to you.

You’re not able to see those positive messages when you’re in a negative space. A few months ago, I was trying to figure out how to promote and grow my speaking work — the work that I love the most, where I can reach the most people. And I couldn’t see the first step. I had totally let go of the good habits, thinking that they would somehow magically come back into existence or I could ride this one out. But we only have so much energy, and it’s like a cup — if you continue to drink out of it, suddenly it’s going to be empty. And I drank it all up without putting anything in. I was blocked from being able to see anything because I was so stuck in my old paradigm, the one that says the next step is to sit here, work harder, and force my way through! My ideas told me I was not doing enough, that the only way to get where I wanted to go was to do more! But that’s never been true. The way I find my inspiration is by setting the hustle aside, by giving myself the time and space to refill my cup!

So this year, I’ve set the intention of choosing to cultivate the energy of enthusiasm. To do the things that bring me excitement and make me feel alive. When I make a point to attract that energy, then I know I’ll be inspired and then be able to take inspired action.

Protecting your energy means making the choice to feel as good as possible as often as possible. Then you’re able to create the destiny that you want to have! Make a list of the activities and practices that make you feel happy. Any of it! You want to have that list so you can choose the things that make you feel good even when times are tough and you have a lot on your plate.

Too Much Phone Time

I went through the exercise of defining my non-negotiable habits — the habits that attract this energy of enthusiasm, this positive energy. My list includes yoga, meditation, going to bed early, valuing sleep over the 30 more minutes of work, and setting boundaries around my time and energy. I’ve made a commitment to myself to start saying no to activities that prevent me from having the time to do these actions, to stop going to things that don’t fill my cup or my soul.

I’m so excited to get better at choosing the things that bring me alive, because then my choices aren’t about judging myself or punishing myself. They’re about pursuing inspiration. When in doubt, I started to ask myself, “how could I enjoy the process more?” Anything I was doing out of obligation and not out of enjoying the process, that’s what I quit doing. Another way to think about it is to ask myself, is this a “hell yes?” If it’s not, then it’s a hell no!

When you’re doing something that cultivates energy or excitement you’re in the energy of positivity. If you’re doing stuff that’s outside of that, you’re in the energy of hustle. The hustle just brings more hustle, and you never feel like you’re getting anywhere. And the truth is, you don’t have to shrink your ambition because you said no. Your ambition and productivity and energy can grow  of the things you’ve chosen to say hell yes to! Because those are the things that will inspire you. That will push you into being who you want to become!

I recently had the opportunity to host a webinar to help inspire people to start their 2019 with inspiration and motivation, and letting go of the hustle was just one of the things we covered. If you want some extra guidance on letting go of the things holding you back and learning tools that will get you into action, then I encourage you to download the video! It will give you even more information about habits that could be stopping you from reaching that next level of success that you’re so capable of achieving!

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