Slow Down to Give Yourself the Chance to Get Going!

It’s always helpful to pause and take a look at my intentions, to get focused on the vision that I want to create instead of living on autopilot. Just this week I picked up my list of intentions I set at the beginning of the year and was super excited to realize how many of them actually feel like they’re coming to fruition. Or, at least, that I’m seeing movement in the right direction.

But I know that’s not always the case! Sometimes we set goals and get discouraged because we just don’t feel like we can get traction. It’s like each goal is a merry-go-round that’s spinning too fast, that we’re trying to get on but keep getting thrown off. The thing is, we shouldn’t give up on getting ourselves on board, we just need to slow things down a bit — to make our goals a little more attainable, to let the merry-go-round slow down so that we can catch up. We have to be able to get ON at some point!

If everything is telling you that a goal is unobtainable, then you won’t be able to take action on it. That happens all the time when we assign numbers to our goals: making $100k in revenue this year, or completing 9 projects this year, or acquiring 2 new clients every month. If you’re already feeling disheartened about an intention you set at the beginning of the year, it’s ok to pull it down a bit. Pull it in range to something that will allow you to get going!


Sometime this week, set aside some time to have a cup of coffee and do these four things for yourself:

  1. Examine the goals that you set at the beginning of the year. (And celebrate how far you’ve already come!)
  2. Evaluate whether those goals trigger resistance or a desire to explore.
  3. Re-state the goal in a more manageable way if it triggers you.
  4. Give yourself the grace to start saying no to things that are keeping you from getting on the right merry-go-rounds.


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