Sallie Holder

Dynamic Keynote Speaker

Sallie Holder is a dynamic keynote speaker with an engaging personality and a results driven perspective.

She leaves audiences with the tools they need to make the changes they desire.

She’s an expert on leadership, teams, change management, mindset, and motivation.

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What People are Saying

  • “Sallie's seminars are inspiring and applicable to you no matter what stage you're in with your business. She gives you interesting questions to ask yourself about your vision. It was incredibly motivating to dig deep and then create specific objectives and actual action steps to achieve the goal. She pushed me outside my comfort zone in just the way I needed. Sallie has created a wonderful, positive, encouraging format that worked for me and helped me get unstuck!"
    - Musette Stern, Muse Shoe Studio
  • "Sallie’s course was meaningful, enlightening & fun. It gave me the support system I so badly needed as an entrepreneur. I’m confident that what you’ll get out of the group coaching will last you long after the program ends.”
    - Louise Johnson, Interior Design
  • “Sallie, I was utterly blown away I was by today’s Training . . .You were so professional, so natural, and so knowledgeable. You are 100% at the top of your game. I think this was, quite possibly, the best training I have ever been to in the entire 6.5 years I’ve been with the Company. I want you to know that your efforts were not only greatly appreciated but executed FLAWLESSLY! . . . YOU. FLIPPING. ROCK.”
    - Teresa Howard, Esq.
  • "Sallie spearheaded our annual planning retreat. Sallie brought a great deal of enthusiasm and passion to our leadership team. She highlighted several creative ideas to drive a major paradigm shift in the way our organization approaches winning business. We are extremely pleased with our investment in Sallie and would recommend her to anyone in need of a true professional who knows how to inspire an audience & lead them to think bigger!"
    – Ross Kester, Pintail Capital Partners

Signature Speeches


Hitting Rock Middle: When Success Doesn’t Feel Like Success

Ever checked all the boxes on the road to success, only to discover the destination wasn’t what you’d hoped? You ask yourself, “Now what? Where do I go from here?” You’ve achieved a certain level of success, but the truth is…you feel miserable. You yearn to love what you do, but you just aren’t sure how get “there” without being led. Through the “BE BOLDER” framework, you will find your own path.
  • Learn how to start dreaming again and create a clear vision for your future
  • Develop a compass for decision making so that you know exactly where to focus
  • Redefine your goals and the path to get there
  • Create a plan for daily, weekly and monthly actions that create a feeling of happiness

Leading Your Team Out Of Rock Middle

Ever wonder why, despite your best efforts, your team is always stuck in the same place? Are they always stuck in a loop of excitement that fades and leads to disappointment? These are common problems when your team has hit “Rock Middle.” It’s the place where complacency grows. No matter how many “pep talks” you give, you cannot reenergize them about their roles.
  • Develop the use of the Company’s Vision and Mission to help employees become unstuck
  • Help leaders understand their WHY
  • Shift the focus to the Dream Work
  • Create a process for developing the employee’s WHY and communicating the employee’s role in the company’s future

Your Roadmap From Hitting Rock Middle To True Fulfillment

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to scale? Or a professional in corporate America with a dream of starting your own company? Why haven’t you made the changes to meet your desired goal? Are you stuck thinking you don’t know “how” to get started? Knowing “how” isn’t the problem – a lack of clarity is! This lack of clarity leaves one in an unproductive cycle of trial and error. You waste time and energy trying out different methods, ideas, or even people, and tend to always find yourself back in the same spot. Break this cycle.
  • Pinpoint the specific roadblocks hindering your growth
  • Identify the tactical actions steps to break through Rock Middle
  • Define the long term culture desired and cultivate the means to achieve it

The Secrets To Convincing Clients You're A Rock Star Instead Of Stuck In Rock Middle

Are you feeling it’s continually harder to please your clients? Ever feel like their expectations are always rising? The truth is – they are! 59% of consumers have higher expectations of companies than they did a year ago. While clients’ higher expectations seem like the problem, they’re not the real problem. What if I told you the real problem is that everything we knew about client service has changed? You might not be surprised because you’re doing all the usual things, but your clients aren’t raving about you. How do you get your clients to start sharing you with everyone they know? I'll show you how!
  • Learn to identify the right audience for you and your business
  • Discover the tools to turn your clients into consistent referral sources
  • Create a plan to make clients raving fans
  • Leave this session understanding what your clients want and need from you before they will refer you