The Most Important Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Have you ever felt so frustrated you could scream? Of course you have, most of you are entrepreneurs. During the process of writing my book, I’ve felt that way a bit more often than I’d like to admit – whew. I didn’t want to lean on the usual numbing mechanisms like TV, scrolling through social media, or shopping. I knew those wouldn’t get the job done – not this time. Plus, I didn’t simply want a break from the frustration, I wanted it to be gone. This frustration has been the thing standing between myself and the greatest possibilities of my life and it had to go. 

That’s when I was reminded of my greatest and most critical tool I must lean on in times like these – Meditation! Yes! If you haven’t jumped on the meditation band wagon, I’m going to convince you now. 

Think of your brain like an old PC. You begin work and the screen is empty. You open a few tabs on internet explorer (ha!) and after a while the screen is filled with pop ups. You’re fighting off pop ups left and right like you’re fighting off an army of soldiers coming at you. As soon as you close one, another one opens, and you begin to feel overwhelmed. You begin to feel frustrated. In real life these pop ups are the things on your “to do” list. You remember them in the midst of other projects, when you’re trying to concentrate on the blog post or the email you’re drafting. You make a mental note of it and move back to your work when you remember another thing you need to do that’s not on your list. You’re constantly interrupted and distracted by all of the things (the tabs open) in your head. You’re getting the idea. 

Meditation is like closing all of those tabs on the computer and giving the computer entirely new processing power. Suddenly the same computer that couldn’t handle one more thing can attack far more than expected and it does so with ease. That’s what we’re all looking for in our lives, a little more ease. Meditation has been the way I’ve achieved that ease.  The good news is you can do it 5 to 10 minutes too. You’ll be shocked at how quickly your brain can download some new processing power and be able to handle more than you ever expected 10 minutes earlier. All you have to do is turn to the tool of meditation the next time your frustrated to get the same chance to create ease and close some of those open tabs. It’s amazing how you’ll be able to attack the same project, the one sitting in front of you staring at you for hours, with greater enthusiasm and far less distractions after you’ve spent 10 minutes meditating.  

My personal favorite guided meditation is Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Experience. However, you find which one’s right for you. There are plenty of free resources on Youtube.  Apps such as Headspace, Calm & Aura are all wonderful ways to begin your meditation practice. It is a practice you’ll get used to, so give yourself some grace if you get a little antsy when you start.  It will always be there for you, so start and stop as you need. 

But try to remember the next time you get frustrated at work that meditation is there for you. So, if when you find yourself in a position where you don’t like your current reality, then upgrade your software by trying a few minutes of meditation. I bet you’ll love it! After you’ve tried it, let me know how it went. Email me back and let me know if it made as much of a difference for you as it has for me.